Astros make their American League debut against the Rangers on March 31st

This is the first time that the Astros have appeared on ESPN’s exclusive season opening telecast and  is the only game played that day.

Hope some of y’all Astros fans will be there that Sunday (Already making plans to go).

For those who cannot go, it’s on ESPN at 7 PM CT.

Astros Spring Training Schedule

Astros going for the sweep!

Brian Bogusevic hits a walk-off single, giving the Astros their first walk-off win of the season August 10, 2012.

No runs for the Dodgers.

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Matt Downs launches one to RF.

5-3 in the 6th. 1 out.

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Astros come back and score 4 in the 9th, taking a 5-4 win over the Marlins.

And Brett Myers with his 2nd save.

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Well at least Nate put the Giants on the board.

Oh and now Crawford with a back-to-back homer.

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