I know I’m late to the game, but

Truly upset that Biggio didn’t make it this year. 74.8%?!

But congrats to Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Frank Thomas on making it!

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I feel like if Biggio and Bagwell played in a market like New York or St. Louis, they would both be in the HOF right now. 

I feel even worse for Bagwell, because I feel like he was truly the best player in the history of the Astros, and I’m starting to think that he will never get in.

Reasons Craig Biggio should be in the HOF

Are they really going to demolish the Astrodome?

Detroit Tigers’ newest manager, Brad Ausmus

Detroit Tigers’ newest manager, Brad Ausmus

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The Red Sox are World Series Champions!

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The Astros finished with a winning record against 4 teams.


vs Angels 10-9

vs White Sox 4-3

vs Rockies 3-1

vs Brewers 2-1

They only had a winning record against 3 teams last year. (Mets, White Sox, and Indians.)

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